Kaleidoscope ep

by Michele Riganese

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released January 6, 2012

Guitar & vocals - Michele Riganese
Upright Bass -Craig Akin
Violin - Sean Hagerty
all other instrumentation - Brian Flood

engineered and mixed by Brian Flood
mastered by Brian Quill



all rights reserved


Michele Riganese

Michele has been charming audiences with her bigger-than-her-size-clear-as-a-bell voice coupled with her sometimes heart-tugging sometimes uplifting and always melodic songs. Hear what the fuss is all about...

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Track Name: Kaleidoscope
Something strange is tearing us
But we just look away
Putting faith in some kaleidoscope
Smoke and mirrors all the way

Can’t deny that there’s a part of us
Holding onto what can not change
But if it’s all that’s left remaining here
I can see no other way

Let it all go, let it all fall down
This house of cards we laid, laying on the ground

Climbing up the hill
Just to make our way back home
But tired feet and tired hope
Tie us to a bumpy road

Let it all go, let it all fall down
This house of cards we laid, laying on the ground

Colors fading everywhere
Spiraling away from here
Let it all go, let it all go....

Something strange is tearing us
Track Name: The Whip
Started out on a dusty road
Hit the city line
Found a nickel that landed on heads
And knew that I would be fine

Gotta a little red sports car, baby
And stepped on the gas
0 to 60 in 2.5
And never looked back

Over and over it seemed to me
Little by little I’m driving it
Calling it closer or calling it quits
Fueling the fire, whipping the whip

Sat on a table with a bright white light
And I heard the call
I took notice from that day forth
To give everything and more

Right a wrong, tame regret
Today’s a jewel, don’t forget

Every night when I lay my head
I remember that day
Make every bit of difference that you can make
Don’t let it all get away

Out on the highway you are alone
To make it better or worse
Before you make it home
Track Name: Fade To Gray
Hold onto yourself you’ve got a long long way to go
A crippled belief that always keeps you wanting more
Anyway you take it, any way you choose
If you keepin’ on it that way you’re just gonna lose

Gave up the wild, but it’s still following you
And given the choice you still hold onto
Talking to the doctors, reading all the books
You still don’t have the answers to why it doesn’t work
Do you?

Shaking off the chains
You never choose the easy way
Scene and fade to gray, fade to gray

Put on a boot and start the day
Never think twice about the way
Every time it happens you never seem to learn
That what you’re putting out there’s what you’re getting in return

Shaking off the chains
You never choose the way
Scene and fade to gray, fade to gray
Track Name: Back To You
Once upon a time not so long ago
You were mine and love was for granted
All the stars would shine along the fairytale rhyme
But turn the page and find goodbye

The ivory tower where you once found me
I let me hair down for you to climb
Was something on your mind; so silent and paralyzed
Now I just wonder why

One more day of this and I can’t breathe
One more day of this is all I need
One more look into the past and I am falling
Falling back to you

Was it all a dream that we were walking in?
Have we seen the better side of things since it all?
But you’re waking up in screams and I’m clawing at the walls
Trying to make sense of it all

Break & sway, maybe...

Back to you, back to you, back to you

When the curtain falls we all go home with pieces of
The prince and maiden fair living happily someway, somewhere
Waiting for a chance again

Break & sway, tell me that...

Back to you, back to you